About ohSTEM

Organization of Honoraries in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (ohSTEM) is a professional society for graduate and undergraduate New York University students in STEM related fields. Our goal is to give students all the necessary tools and connections needed to succeed in a professional environment. With more than 3 different student chapters at colleges/universities all over the Tri-State Metropolitan Area, ohSTEM stands as the most efficient organization focused on students in STEM related fields.

ohSTEM Vision

We envision a world where students of the new generation are given the resources necessary to achieve great success in an encouraging environment that celebrates unique contributions and enforces good diversity.

ohSTEM Mission

ohSTEM empowers students in STEM related fields to not only succeed in the professional domain, but also in their personal lives. We hope to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students to flourish and show off their maximum potential.

ohSTEM Values


We seek to establish a system of trust with our students through transparency and honesty.


We seek to create and maintain a space for openness and inclusion, a space that is not only for learning but also for mutual respect.


We are dedicated to pursuing our goals and staying true to our mission statement.


We are determined to keep pushing forward, no matter the circumstances and obstacles, in order to achieve our mission.